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Full Version: Vote-They're Lying
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A: Have you decided how you are going to vote?
B: Do you mean on Measures 1, 2, and 3?
A: Yes. The ones that will improve our schools, roads, and hospitals.
B: You mean the measures that will raise our taxes.
A: But the TV ads say that our taxes will not increase.
B: Do you believe the TV ads?
A: I like the one where the fireman tells us why we should vote Yes.
B: Don't believe him! Whatever the TV ads tell you, the opposite is true.
A: But the title of Measure 1 is "Better Schools at No Cost."
B: The title should be "Better Schools at Huge Cost."
A: I can't believe that they would lie to us.
B: Of course they lieā€”that's what politicians do!
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