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CNN 2014-03-19
03-20-2014, 11:58 AM
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CNN 2014-03-19

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welcome to our march 17 addition of cnn students news, I am coarl zoos, first up, voters in Crimea voted yesterday, and overwhelmingly chose to become part of Russia, the local government sending its delegation to Moscow to apply for that, Russia welcome the vote and will likely to willing to withdraw the borders, but Ukraine, EU and the us all say that the vote doesnot count, that a region of Ukraine can not just break away from the rest of the country and become part of another one, Ukraine is divided over whether to forge closer ties with EU or Russia, its former president is in favor of Russia, but violant protest in the capital let his ouster last month, now the us European Union supporting a unifying Ukraine and Russia support Crimea secession, the country political future is unclear, there is still no sign of the Malaysia airliner plane that vanished in the mid flight more than a week ago, the us intelligence official think the captain and copilot might have something do with the disappearing that was not an accecident, part of the reason the plane stopped transmitting information and one of the officials called the perfect place to disappear, investigators have taken a flight simulator in the captain house examining clues, the search now includes 25 countries the area is tremendous, taking off from Kualar Lampum 12:41 am local time last Saturday, flight mh 370 headed north along its plan to round Beijing but then two communicating systems stopped to working within minutes of each other and investigators now believe someone almost surely turned them off, at 1:7 am near the the east coast of Malaysia, the system know as Stars stopped to transmitting information about the plane's operation condition, and that was before the last radio transmission, all right, good night, indicating everything was normal, 1:21 am the transponder which identified aircraft on radar stopped transmitting , was someone trying to hide the plane, we also now know xxx on Malaysia military radar were in fact flight 370 headed in west and the authority say there is every indication someone was in control, Untill the point at which it left military xxx radar coverage, this movement are consistant with deliberate action by someone on the plane, still unclear whether it was pilot or hijacker, cnn has confirmed the plane may eratic change its altitude when it flying official described as a strange path, at one point it appeared to climb 45 thousand feet well above it approved altitude, then descending to 23,000 feet, now a new analysis satellite information showed the plane flying more than 7 hours since it take off, much longer than previously thought, a satellite searching for operational data of the plane detected the aircraft every hour in the so called handshake but no data was transmitted, its last contact 8:11 am some where along this arch stretches far north to Conterstan, far south in India ocean west of Austrilia
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