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CNN 2014-03-20
03-21-2014, 11:23 AM
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CNN 2014-03-20

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mystery flight 370 let us get start, good evening everyone more news development tonight in the disappearance of Malaysia airline flight 370, just like everyone we brought you in the last ten days vanished deep in the mystery but also linked criticism to theories of one thing that totally out of this world, the best evidence available now suggests the xxx trip into one of these two areas and we still been tracked by a satellite more than 7 hours after take off, that is hours after the first officer seemingly routine signed off to Malaysia traffic control center just saying good night, hours after the plane radar transponder signal vanished , hours after the electronic data reporting system arcas stopped sending data, hours after possibly soured to high altitude, then pledged to 23,000 feet then climbed again, we learned today that in all hours the authority say there is no evidence at all of anyone trying to make any cellphone calls or sending a text or make any any transmission from the airline, the question is why not, it is simply too high. we also learned that other countries are planning to the possibilities that this plane landed somewhere and is being somehow prepared to be used as a weapon, it is rarely a traffic control when a higher alert today is precaution, which causes redouble the scrutiny on who if anyone took control of the airliner, the crew somehow to know good, they proposedly seen here widely circulated the U too video the captain from xxx going from security airport in Kuala Lumpur. new attention is well on who is the anyone had access to the planes below deck electronics bay that is what actually looks like, the panel xx review of hotcaive media showing roll after roll navigation and communication equipment including the arc system failed or disable and if it was the latter if it was the latter disabled by someone who knew which plug to palt which system to take off line with xx breaker to take off, First though, because there are so many theory are there, so many complicating reports from the authorities in Malaysia and else where, we try to start on what we actually know, we get experts and every aspect of this data the co-led the search for this flight 4487 which hold oceaographic institutional xxx this year, former homeland security adviser xxx, members of the DHS and cia external bother panels and xx seven captain joined us as well lets, let me bring it to you, a, you have been flying for thirty years, as you look at this , given what we know the transponder was offset we said that would off in the two minutes after last communication in 19,121, we know the 137 am, the arc system was supposed to send a message did not send a message so that arc system last one from 107 you talked about this compartment below the cabinet we are looking at right now the system it is located and we got this tour here, talk about what you think is mostly going to happen here, given the complexity of the whole system, oh, it is a good point, it is a complex system , and the pilots trained on the airplane, we know the system does for us to know every details down there consider the expert, I don t know every detail we get on the box, I would really have to study some more engineering and systematically to really know what has been done there, as a pilot would be able to turn off the arc system? am, I have to climb down there, we do it, something routine training , absolutely not, but as far as your question is concerned I am always ascert that there is some type of mechanical issue that start to xxx, we talked pilot tour show time might get progressively worse and worse, were the pilot trying to go the check list and determine what the problem is and trouble shooting it.
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