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CNN 2014-03-21
03-22-2014, 11:31 AM
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CNN 2014-03-21

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Welcome to CNN news, I’m Carr N in CNN center as much as we glad to take ten minutes on Tuesday to watch our show.
First in Middle East we have been fighting decade between Palestine and Israel. President Obama likes U.S international leaders. He try to encourage the peace talks between two sides, but that is not going there and violence between Palestrina
F this month. Palestine leader xx at the white house yesterday, two weeks after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Nate Yahoo visit it. Two eastern leaders is agree so deeply over the issues like the border and security issue, but U.S has trouble just getting talk each other. The Obama administrations said the April’s deadline is two sides for the two xx part of peace that it like standing though in the year.

U.S and European Union have issues sent the P against Russian officials, but they only directly that they hate people, the sanction approved about thirty two Russian for the travelling threaten the counties and getting out side those statement still have litters countries, this is all about xx, it is region new crime more than ninety six percent of voters in vote break off in Ukrain and are part of Russia.

U.S and European Union called Sunday is vote legal on Saturday xx. Russia supported the vote, he says it is protested by international law at our region to governor themselves because of Russia also supports troops to B xx side Ukraine outside former president last month, U.S other nations one panels Russia.
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