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VOA 2018-01-31
01-31-2018, 09:13 PM
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VOA 2018-01-31

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from Washington, this is VOA news thousand of pro-opposition marchers, some braving temperature as low as minus 45 degree Celsius, gathered in dozens of Russian cities Sunday to support jailed opposition leader xx.Police arrested xx while he was on his way to rally in central Moscow he shouted swindlers and thieves before police jumped on him and threw into a bus.Reuters correpondent xxreported, the moment russian opposition leader was detained by police just minutes after appearing in Moscow rally. video footage posted on social media showed x x wrestled into the back of the pstrol wagon just few hundreds meters from Kremlin, he was walking to join several thousands of supporter talking part in the opposition-led rally.the nationwide protests are calling for a boycott of what xx says will be rigged presidential election in march. earlier on the day, police raided his Moscow headquarter forcing their ways into the offices using powder tools, citing reports of a bomb threat. Yemean's Prime minster accusing southern separatists of a coup xx
after they seized several building during the fighting Sunday with government forces in the poor city xx ,the fighting killed at least 10 and left as much as 86 wounded including some civilians. at least a temporary calm returned when the yemen leader ordered the their force back to their barracks.
the fight broke out when president ignored the separatist's demand to fire the prime minister accusing him of corruption.
A french women have been found alive in xx treasure in a , the rescuer was not available locate her polish climbing companion , the two were trying to scale the 8100 meter xx and stuck at 7400 meter mark and used satellite photo to call for help.
to mark world leprosy day, the WHO is calling for the eradication of the ancint disfigured disease by fighingting the stigma and discrimination that discourage people from seeking the help they need.this year leprosy date focus preventing the disabilities in the children ,who reports count for nearly 9% of all case of leprosy, including almost 7% of those with invisible to for deformity. the UN health agency notes early diagnose and early treatment can prevent said the disabilities don't occur one night, but happen after a pro-long period of un-diagnosed and untreated diseases,but unfortunately it notes that many people don't seek for help until it is too late and deformity already appeared, this is because the stigma and discrimination associated with leprosy, WHO is calling for laws discriminating against people with leprosy to be abolished and replaced with policy promoting inclusion of such people within society.

6 adults and unconscious babies were found after floating more than a week in a small wooden boat in the pacific ocean, the Zealand airline forces found dinghy searching for survivals of ferry that sank as it traveled between two island in the remote nation , the airforce group was able to drop supplies including food, water to survivors, the ferry carrying 50 passengers left the island on Jan 18th, on a planned 2 days trip for south trarawa , it never made it.

xx who found Sweden Ikea furniture brand, and then transferred into a worldwide business empire had died at the age 81.he died Saturday in xx, in the southern Swedish region xx who he grown up on a farm.and with some modest financial help from his father, he began to sell pens, picture frames, typewriters and other goods, it was the start of what become known IKEA, now with 403 stores across the globe.
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