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VOA 2018-02-03
02-05-2018, 10:35 PM
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VOA 2018-02-03

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From Washington, this is VOA News. I am Johnathon Johns reporting.

President Trump's blueprint for improving or reforming America's immigration system is drawing fire from advocacy groups at both ends of ideological spectrum. The plan will provide 10 to 12 year path to citizenship for DACA-eligible immigrants. It will give preference to immigrants with skills needed in America's economy, and end the VISA lottery that gives the people across the world a chance to come legally to the United States. It would also seek to increase border security by erecting the wall between the US and Mexico. During his state of the Union speech on Tuesday, the president called the blueprint a down the middle compromise, but remains a lightening rod in Congress, which has until February 8th to arrive a bi-parties agreement on immigration and federal funding, or risk another partial shutdown of the federal government.

Rights groups are also criticizing President Trump's decision to keep the US military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba open. Trump said during his campaign he wanted to keep the prison open and loaded up with some bad dudes. X with the center for constitutional rights has helped represent Guantanamo detainees in federal court. She told VOA that Trump's order was making good on his campaign promises. She said this is a piece of his broader anti Muslim, Islam phobic rhetoric, but he's used to rile up this base. She said she would like to see the base shutdown and detainees either charged or released. And she said the president's notion of who is designated a terrorist is based on a person's religion or ethnicity.

This is VOA News.

British Prime Minister Theresa May said Wednesday that Britain and China have agreed on joint trade and investment review:
And we have that freedom outside membership of European Union, being to, able to organization arrangements for ourselves on a bilateral, bilateral bases.
May spoke at the start of her visit to China, it's focused on coming to a new trade agreements once Britain leaves the European Union. She began her 3 day trip in central industrial city of Wuhan before heading for Beijing for talks with premier, she will then meet with President Xi Jinping on Thursday before wrapping up her visit in the financial hub Shanghai.

The multi national joint task force fighting Boko Haram continues to free hostages from the terrorist's stronghold. But struggles of newly liberated area are far from over. Correspondent X reports from X in northern Cameron:
The number of men, women and children are abducted by Boko Haram during the terror group's 8 year insurgency is not known, but it's believed to be well into the thousands. Men and boys report having been conscripted to fight or serve as porters while women and girls report force marriages and slave labor in the terrorist's camps. Boko Haram has been fighting to establish a strict Islamic state in northern Nigeria. A regional military offensive since 2015 has retaken much of territory Boko Haram controlled. Rescue hostages have represented the challenge, communities in Cameron have been weary of them, in particular amid a surge in suicide bombings along the border in the past year. There are also fears more returnees mean more mouth to feed, straining already over stressed resources. X for VOA News, X, northern Cameron.

The United States said it is not aware any specific threat to the Winter Olympics in South Korea next month, despite nuclear tensions with neighboring North Korea. Senior State Department officials in charge security for the US Olympic team spoke to reporters on Wednesday. They said they have been working with South Korea for 2 years to prepare for the 2018 winter games that begin with opening ceremony February 9th, in the town of Pyeongchang. An Assistant Secretary for diplomatic security says his team is well aware of nuclear tensions with the North.

You can find more on these or other late breaking and developing stories from around world around clock at and on the VOA news mobile app. I am Johnathon Johns reporting from the world headquarters of Voice of America in Washington.

That's the latest world news from VOA.
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