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BBC 2018-02-04
02-05-2018, 10:40 PM
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BBC 2018-02-04

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BBC news Johnanson Izard.
A report drawn up for the United Nations Security Council has criticized China, Russia, Malaysia and Myanmar for failing to respect the international sanctions against North Korea. UN investigators said that last year alone North Korea managed to export about 200 million dollars worth of coal, iron and steel.

The FBI Director Christophe Ray has defended the agency's work after the Republicans on an influential committee released the classified memo accusing the FBI of abusing its powers of surveillance. The Democrats have warned President Trump not to use the memo as a pretext to interfere with the judiciary.

Foreign nationals living in Britain who are unable to explain how they acquire their wealth will risk having their assets frozen. New measures have been introduced by the government to crack down on organized crime. Officials believe that 120 billion dollars illegal funds are lxxed through Britain every year.

China has accused the United States of the disrespect for Latin America after the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson described China and Russia as new imperialists there. The Foreign Ministry in Beijing said its cooperation with Latin America was based on its equality and rexxxxcity.

Officials in Myanmar have denied reports that Mass graves have been found in the village in RXXkind State. They said they had carried out an investigation in GXXXX village where the Associated Press News Agency reported evidence of a masscre of around 400 Rohingya Muslims last year.

The Chinese Cultural Ministry is banning a pxxdize of a patriotic songs. Officials say they are responding to citizens' complaints after a video emerged online of a group of teachers sing their own lyrics to a classic song.

Three people on the North Island of New Zealand have been swept away in a river after a powerful storm.
The Prime Minister has warned the climate change will result in more severe weather.

And scientific research has repeated packing may damage the brains of the woodpackers. It has been a xxx that physical adaptations lessen the impact on their brains from repeated packing.

BBC news.
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