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BBC 2018-02-05
02-08-2018, 08:50 PM
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BBC 2018-02-05

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BBC news with Rosemery Crick.
According to a UN panel of experts, North Korea and nearly 200 million dollars in 2017 by exporting banned goods in defiance of sanctions, a report prepared for the security council said Pyangang had sent weapons to Syria and Myanmar. The FBI director Christopher Ray has defended the agency's work, telling staff he will in Juel will meet a rowd of allegation of political bias. Republicans on the US House Representatives intelligence committee released the classified memow which accused the FBI of abusing its power of survailance, the democratic have warned the President not to use the memo as pretext to dismiss officials in the judictionery.

The first woman to chair US central bank, the Federal Reserve, has step down from the post. Johnna Yelen's successor, Julen Power is to be sworn in on Monday. a man has been charged in the American state of Arizona with selling unlicenced bullets to Steven Patick, the gunman who killed 58 people in Lasvagas last year. Police said they found Dougus Hage's fingerprint on unused ammunition at the hotel from where the attackers fired on the crowd.

New measures chosen by the British government, to crack down organized crime come into force today. Foreign nationals who were unabled to explain how they accquire their wealth will risk having their wealth frozen. Officials believed more than 120 billion ilegal funds are launded in London every year. Two Russians had set a new record for the longest space walk ever undertaken by Cosmerlords, Alexzander Merserk and Torn Shalperluff, spent 8 hours outside the International space station, replacing an outdated inTerner. The new one is poing at the wrong direction and may not be operational. A research published in the United States showed repeated packing can damage the wood packers, it had been assumed that the birds didn't suffer from head injuries.
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