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VOA 2018-02-05
02-08-2018, 08:50 PM
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VOA 2018-02-05

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contr memo released.united state house republican released controversy meno on friday it contain allegation of what they said it was FBI's misconduct including xx by a former British spy is a central park of FBI allegation to run surveillance on trump campaign adviser with no mention it was founded by opposing democratic campaign. xx has more.The move come over the furious objection of FBI and justice department which said document prepared by the republican on the house intelligence committee was in-accurate and missing context.
the meno alleged that FBI abuse the US government surveillance power into investigation to Russian election interference.
trump who called the investigation a witch hunt apparently hope it good help the undermine the prob being led by the special council xx.

Afghanistan president xx said Tet is using Pakistan as a headquarter
this coming a day Afghan official give Pakistan confession and other approves showing that militant who carried out recent series of attacks are trained in Pakistan.
here is more from xx. Afghanistan president said Te 's base is in Pakistan.ask Pakistan to take action to prevent further attack by the militant on Afghan the speech of the nation
xx urge TIl soldiers who want to talk peacefully with government to celebrate themselves from those who want to fight.

Us Ban the export of weapon and defense service to south Sudan stepping up pressure against president xx to end the country's four year's civil war.
Eu imposed sanction friday on three current and former of Sudan's officials implicated human right violation and destruction of the country's
peace process, they are former army chief staff xx , deputy chief of denfense inspector xx and information minster xx,
the sanction included the access for he said a ban of travel to Eu country, British minister for African xx welcome the sanction pledge his country support ending any violence in South Sudan.
Us secretary hosted his Ukrainian counterpart in at Pentagon on Friday
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