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VOA 2018-02-10
02-13-2018, 08:53 PM
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VOA 2018-02-10

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From Washington, this is VOA news. I am Johnathon Johns reporting.

US stocks ? closed Wednesday trading after a day's fluctuating prices. The SP 500 lost 0.5%, the Dow was up nearly 0.1%, the Nasdaq fell more than 1%. Wednesday's trading followed days wild price ? in global markets.

One day before a threaten US government shutdown, Senator leaders on Wednesday struck bipartisan deal to keep the US government funded for 2 years, but without addressing immigration. Senate minority leader X, a democratic from New York:
This budget deal will be the best thing we've done for our economy, our military, our middle class for a long time.
The deal will increase spending on National Defense and Domestic Program ending year's budget limits that Republicans argued were hollowing out the America's military and Democrats said were ?. Congressional leaders faced a race against the clock with federal funding expiring midnight on Thursday.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said he's encouraged by Columbia's progress in production of Coco growth:
We'll continue to work with Columbia to support these efforts, we can be assistance as well. This is a share challenge for our nations as well, to work together to undermine the trans cross the organizations to create networks, that devastating for citizens in Columbia and devastating to American people as well.
Tillerson is now in X, it's the final stop in his Latin America and Columbia tour. He also said the United States seriously considering imposing major restriction on Venezuela oil industry.

This is VOA news.

North Korea leader Kim Jong-un is sending his sister Kim X as part of the North's delegation to the Winter Olympics in South Korea. Reuters correspondent X reports:
Kim X was blacklisted last year by the UN Treasure Department. The visit also raised concerns whether Pyongyang is using the Olympics to post its own agenda that's something made US officials are keening to block. We will not allow the North Korean propaganda to high ? the messaging ? of the Olympic Game.
US Vice President Mike Pence said Wednesday that the US will soon impose its toughest ever economic sanctions on the reclusive country.

At least 7 people are now confirmed dead from Tuesday's strong earthquake in Taiwan which left at least 2 building partially collapsed and tilted. The 6.4 magnitude quake struck just before midnight local time. On Taiwan's east coast more than 200 have been injured in the quake, 88 are missing. Reuter's correspondent X reports on the damage:
? from Tuesday night showed people trying to escape ?, ? children down from balconies after shock ? the city.

February's national cancer prevention ? the United States and VOA's correspondent X reports results of recent study firmly establish the association between the health life style and several types of cancer:
Scientists say a healthy life requires 5 essential factors: not smoking, keeping body weight in check, regular physical activity, healthy diet and limited alcohol consumption. Analyzing data collected over decades from about 340000 people around world, the researchers in Britain found that those who met all 5 requirements were 32% less likely to develop lung, ? or ? cancer, the most common cancers. X, VOA news.

US House minority leader Nancy X is conducted a rare filibuster speaking for more than 7 hours in the ? of the US House representatives to try to force Republicans to consider an immigration deal. The California Democrat started talking shortly after ? Wednesday. She said Democrats would support any funding bill unless House speaker X of Republican agrees to bring a bipartisan immigration bill to the House ? for a vote. Filibuster is a prolonged speech that struck the progress in the legislate assembly on a technically contravening the require procedures.

You can find more on these and other breaking and developing stories from around world around clock at, and on the VOA news mobile App. I am Johnathon Johns reporting from the world headquarters of Voice of America in Washington.

That's the latest world news from VOA.
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