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VOA 2018-02-28
02-28-2018, 10:13 PM
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VOA 2018-02-28

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from washington, this is voa newsiam xx reporting, the Nigeria government is now confirming 110 girls are missing after a xx attacks in northeast town .this comes after a day of silence from the government. on Sunday, the girls, they said from sicence and technological are unaccounted for after suspecting xx civilians invaded their school on Monday.the official denied the kidnapping suggesting instead they are hiding in the bush after the attack. xx horrified the world when adopted 276 girls from a boarding school in xx almost 4 years
In Britain, an explosion in last England destroyed a store and a house which a police described as a major of blast showed the flame shooting at rebels where two story building once stood.the cause of the blast were unknown, but the police said now there is no indication this is the terrorism is related.
New fight erupted near xx in spite united union demanded for 30 days cease -fire to allow rescue and medical workers to enter the region.The British based Syrian observatory for human right said 9 people were killed and another 31 injured outside the Syrian capital boosting the death toll to more than 500 inclasu over the last week. the fighting nonetheless appear to less tense in the wake of the UN security counsel 's xx approval.

With explosive fireworks,lousy cheers from the spectators ,the 2018 winter game were declared closed on Sunday,in his speech of the game closing ceremony, international Olympic committee president xx paraded north south Korean marching together during the opening ceremony, you have shared your faith in a peaceful future with all of us, you have show how it brought bring people together.xx handed the olympic flag to the mayor Beijing which will host the next winter Olympic in 2020,
the Chinese capital city will be first city to host both summer and winner games after it hosted the summer addition in 2008.

China responded angrily sat to new sanction imposed on north Korean maintaining their account productive effort to halt P's nuclear and long range missile development programe. US President Donald Trump announces on Friday what he called the largest ever sanction against north Korean and threaten day phase 2if the measures not effective. the sanctions targeted 1 people , 27 companies, 28 ships registered in china and 7 other countries with the attempt eliminating north Korean's elusive shipping and trade.they block the access held by the companies in US and
prohibit Us citizens from interacting with them.
A powerful earthquake had strike the pacific island nation xx.but
no xx warning have been issued.the us geological services at 7.5 magnitude
was centered 90 south xx in x province.there is no immediate report of causality and damage, but earthquake was sit on the so called bring fire
circling the pacific nation with frequent size of activities.

After a test exchanged this past week over proposal US boarder wall, Mexica presient xx has cancelled the plan to visit the white house according the report saturday on the Washington post
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