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VOA 2018-03-01
03-04-2018, 11:29 PM
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VOA 2018-03-01

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Russian president Vladimir Putin on Monday ordered a pause in Moscow's airstrike on Syria rebels. The 5-hour window will led civilians escaping from fighting near Damascus. Russia's defense administrator said starting Tuesday the Russia stand on would run from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. local time with the goal of avoiding civilian casualties. Putin's order comes 2 days after the rock started of a 13 day ceasefire across Syria which was ultimately demanded by the US security council. Fighting has continued in east Goulte outside Damascus. At least 10 people killed Monday according to activists.

The US supreme court on Monday rejected Trump's administration unusual ? to bypass federal appeal's court and get the justice to intervene in the program that protect hundreds of thousands of young immigrates from deportation. Now the case effect so-called dreamers will have to work its way through the lower course before any supreme court rule its possible. Congressional efforts to address the issues has stopped. The supreme court's decision on D was a surprising. Its highly unusual for the supreme court to hear case before lower court has considered it. But D supporters heal the decision as significant. Trump told the governor's meeting the issue need to be fixed.

Russia has blocked UN security council resolution that would cool down Iran from violating in army in B. against Yemen's H rebels.

The Nigeria government has confirmed that 110 female students from remote town are missing after suspected Boko Haram militant attacked their school one week ago today. For VOA C reports from Dakar that while Nigerian authority initiated an intensive search operation. There is angry about how this could happen again. Information administer told community Sunday"This attach, or this incidence, that came to school on that Monday, was 96. But today, "The bring back of girl movement is back on the street in L and A demanding answers from the government. A, one of the faces of bring back of girl movement says the similar it between C in 2014 and D in 2018 are too striking.

We had this before, it did not let any fete

South Korea president M Monday said the US should lower the threatening for talks with North Korea and Pyongyang should show a willingness to discuss denuclearization. He made the comments during a meeting with Chinese vice primary in Saul.

The white house Sunday said any talks with North Korea must result on Pyongyang give up its nuclear program. Friday Washington imposed another large package of sanctions on the north. Pyongyang criticized for provoking a confrontation.

The UN secretary general on Monday described the human rights situation on R Muslims saying 'there were one of the most discriminated against populations in the world '. And T called unfeded humanitarian access in R state in the country of Burma also known as Myanmar.

"The of nationality, they have been subjected to by military forces and others, and cost all of the country. example of "

He said international community need to come together to support the safe volunteer returning of refugees to the area of orge or choice in the cout with international standards.
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