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BBC 2018-03-03
03-04-2018, 11:31 PM
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BBC 2018-03-03

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homeworkShares have fallen on Asian market after president Trump announced plnas to impose tarrifs on steel and alumimim, triggering fears of a looming trade war.
Japan's NIKA index was down nearly three percent. The US's major the trading partners including the EU and Canada have threatened retaliatory action if tarrifs are introduced.
For the first time since a coup in 2014,new political parties are being allowed to register in Tailand. The military government says the elections which have been postponed for several times would take place by February next year.
Scientists say they have identified five types of diabetes each with their own causes, complications and treatments. The researchers from Switzerland and Finland hope their findings will lead to treatments tailored for individual patients.
Guatamala's ex-president is to be tried along with much of his former cabinet for alleged corruption.The case centers on a multi-million-dollar contract by public buses. Mr. ? ,who left office six years ago,has denied involvement.
A former head of the Charity is among those facing trial.
There has been an explosion in the Afgan capital Kabul. Initial reports say a number of people have been injured. Details are still coming in.
A deal has been reportedly reached for the sale of a company co-founded by the disgraced US film producer. The agreement is expected to keep the company out of bankruptcy and the leadership of largely female board.
An Australian swimmer who says he only started competing seriously at the age of eighty has broken a world record during trials for commonwealth games. ? was the sole entrant in the fifty meters free style for those aged over one hundred . He cut more than twenty seconds off the previous record finishing in just over fifty-six seconds.
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