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VOA 2018-03-03
03-04-2018, 11:32 PM
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VOA 2018-03-03

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From Washington,this is VOA news.

I am Liz/ reporting.

UN leader demands ceasefire. The UN humanitarian chief said Wednesday that a 30-day ceasefire across Syria has not been implemented. The security council adopted the resolution to allow for aid and evacuations, especially in eastern Guta. Here's chief Mark//. So,if there is no humanitarian access since the resolution on Saturday, what has happened in the last few days? More bombing,more fighting,more death,more destruction,more maiming of women and children,more hunger, more misery, more, in other words, the same. // said trucks full of aid have been waiting for entry. Meanwhile, Russian foreign minister // said Wednesday rebels in eastern Guta are blocking aid deliveries and preventing people from leaving. //spoke during a interpreter at Wednesday's human rights council meeting in Geneva. Now it's the turn for the militants response to act. The militants in // still continue shelling Damascus, blocking aid deliveries and evacuation of those wishing to leave. We call upon members so-called American coalition, to ensure the same humanitarian access to the areas in Syria under their control. Russia has ordered a 5-hour daily humanitarian path to civilians to exit the region, that started on Tuesday. Residents say they do not trust the truce.// said that the 5-hour daily pauses called by Syria and Russia aren't sufficient to deliver aid. He added nearly 600 people have been killed in eastern Guta in the last 10 days.

The 27 remaining nations at the European union will start working on how they see their future ties with Britain next week. More on

This is VOA news.

Four UN peacekeepers were killed and four others seriously wounded on Wednesday in Mali. Here's a spokesperson for the united nations secretary general.A UN military vehicle was hit by improvised explosive device on the // access in the region of // in Mali. Preliminary reports indicate that 4 peacekeepers were killed and four others were wounded. This spokesperson says medical evacuations are currently on going. Six Malian soldiers were killed in the same area in a similar incident a day earlier.

President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman // has pleaded not guilty to a new set of charges. They were filed against him last week by special council//.// has been probing Russian interference in the US election. The new charges // with former business partner in Trump campaign //, laundered more than $30 million through off-shore accounts. Hidden off-shore accounts, a trial they has been set for Sep. 17.

The united nations has set up a 24-hour hotline to help fight sex harassment among its staff. As part of its zero tolerance policy regarding sexual exploitation and abuse. lisa// reports from Geneva. The so-called speak out hotline is part of UN secretary general's wide initiative to fight sexual harassment and to support victims in //. The UN HCR and other UN aid agencies say their partners must adhere to a strict code of conduct, which cover sexual exploitation and abuse. They say any UN personnel found to be impleached the code would be subject to disciplinary measures including dismissal from service. Lisa // for VOA news in Geneva.

American evangelist Billy Graham would lie in honor in the Capitol Rotunda after dying last week at the age of 99. // reflected on Graham's impact. His words and graciousness lit up living rooms and touch hundreds of millions of hearts. / son of diary farmers became a trusted friend and councilor to American presidents and powerful leaders around the globe. The man known as America's pastor is getting a rare honor, last giving to civil rights icon // upon her death in 2005. Members of Graham's family join members of congress as well as president Donald Trump and his wife // for a private arrival ceremony Wednesday. We have much more on this honor for Billy Graham on

I am // in Washington.
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