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BBC 2018-03-08
03-12-2018, 09:44 PM
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BBC 2018-03-08

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BBC News with
President Trump's top economic advisor is to resign following in an apprant disagreement over plans to introduce tariffs on steel and aluminium imports. x a mastermind of Mr. Trump's tax cuts is reported to fear that the president tariff plans would spark a damaging trade war. Earlier, Mr. Trump accused the European Union of making it almost impossible for the US to do business with the bloc. He said he would imposed a tax on European cars if the EU retaliated against any tariffs. The president said if a trade war is issued the United States would conducted in a loving way but would win it.
The United States has imposed further sanctions on North Korea after confirming that it believes Pingyang used the x to assesinate the half brother of the country's leader x in Malaysia last year.State department said the incident was more approve of x's reckless nature.
East Timo has Austrilia have resovled the long running dispute over their sea border. The treaty, the neighbor subscribed also gives East Timo between 70%-80% of the proceeds from a hug gasfield beneath the Timo sea.
A canadian citizen has admitted helping x carried out an attack in Iraq in 2009. They killed 5 US soilders and 2 Iraqic police. x have pleaded guilty in New York to give money to Tsumi suicide bombers.
Investors looking to buy x's former company to save from bankruptcy have pulled out the deal.The women-led team said company had big debts than previously thought.
A US porn actress alleged to have had an affair with Donald Trump has filed a lawsuit against him claiming that an nondisclosure agreement she signed was invaild, because Mr. Trump never put his signature to it. It's the first time x has publicly admitted to the agreement.
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