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VOA 2018-03-08
03-12-2018, 09:45 PM
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VOA 2018-03-08

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An international CONVOY humanitarian aid truck has reached B east G of Syria but government forces continue their area bombardment and ground solider against the rebel unclean. An additional Britain based Syria observatory for human rights said at least 45 people have been killed one hundreds nineteen injured at the latest attacks even as the aids has been arriving.

Hundreds have been killed in the last 2 weeks as Syria's military try to regain the territory inside east G. Syria's president B says the military offensive will continue

Turkey state media reports that Turkey has detained that connection with the security threat to the US embassy in G.

Official in Seoul say North Korea leader hosted a dinner late Monday to welcome ? of South Korea president in the latest diplomatic efforts that some hope would pay the way for direct talks between US and North Korea.

Israel prime minister told president trump at white house Monday that Iran must be stop what is called common challenge.

But no out ? winner in the Italian parliament to be based on near Monday.

A former Russia military intelligence was convicted of spy for the British is critically ill after being expose unknown substance in UK.
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