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BBC 2018-03-13
03-16-2018, 10:29 PM
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BBC 2018-03-13

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The Campaign group amnesty international office accused the government in Myanmar of attempting to remake the state of * to force hundreds of thousands of * Muslims to flee. Amnesty said Burmese soldiers at * areas to make way for military bases and establish settlement for * ethnic groups. There's been no response yet from the Myanmar government. The BBC is making an appeal to the United Nations to protect the rights its * service journalists and their families. A report to be considered by the UN human rights council details the harassment of staff from their relatives in Iran where it says they are subject to arbitral arrest detention and travel bans. Iranian authorities have not commented.
Right-wing parties in Columbia have secured most of the votes in Sunday's election but conservatives who opposed a peace deal with former * rebels have fallen short of majority. In its first Electorate Test, the * performed poorly when it guarantees ten seats in Congress under the terms of the 2016 accord.
Two people have died after a helicopter carrying 6 people crashed into the East River in New York city. The pilot managed to escape, three passengers are in critical condition in hospital.
British MPs have warned that the countries' interest will be undermined unless the government does more to spell out its post Brexit foreign policy. Members of the parliamentary foreign affair committee say the global Britain strategy risks being seen as a superficial granding exercise. The government says it's intended to show the country will stay international engaged.
Austria is marking the 80th anniversary of its annexation by Nazi Germany when Hitler's troops crossed the border to impose a union * between the two countries. It's current leaders are marking the anniversary with speeches denouncing oppression.
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