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VOA 2018-03-14
03-16-2018, 10:33 PM
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VOA 2018-03-14

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In just 2 weeks China has announced and has now voted with near unanimous approval to remain the country's constitution and give the Party's powerful leader Xi jinping a mandate to stay in office indefinitely.On sunday a admendment to cancel 2-term limit on the office of the president was approved with 20 other changes unanimously passed smoothly in the rubber-stand national people's congress.Hongkong saw low turn out numbers for in an election sunday to remove 4 lawmakers disqualified over oct. last year that the Chinese government declared improper.15 candidates running before the 4 seats that were vacated when they oath by pro-democracy lawmakers were declared invalid to move the critic say was politically motively.China said on sunday that it was not intended to ignite a trade war with US because that would be disastrous for the entire world,the minister of commerce zhongshan said chinese annual parliamentary session China does not wish to fight a trade war,nor would China initiate a trade war,but we can handle any challenge and we will resolutely defense the interest of our country and our people.

All 11 people aboard private turkish jet died sunday,after the jet crashed into a mountain side,and burst into flame during heavy rain in southern Iran.On board were turkish areas M and seven other friends are flying after a party ahead a planned wedding next month.

Secretary of defense JM is warning Syria it would be very unwise to use gas as a weapon in its bombardment eastern G.M said on sunday that right now,the US is quo getting reports Syrian president A is using chluorine gas in the 3-week against rebels outside the capital damascus.In advance nearly hundreds of thousand of people have died,200 of them children.At least C has freed 40,of the more than 100 women arrested.We'll try to ask president P to negotiate the peaceful political transition.B has been in power for 36 years.They are also calling on him to solve the crisis caused by saparatists'group demanding the independance of the English-speaking from those French-speaking regions of the central african state.M reports from Y:since nov.16,B has been battling with the unrest indo English-speak northwest and southwest regions that with teachers and lawyers.Frustrated with having to work in French.took these streets calling for reform and greater autonomy. It's degenerated with separatists calls for indian dependence.Last oct.secessionist groups declared the independence of the English-speaking southwest and northwest regions of C.Declaring A,who was an...,as the president.A...cut down of the military... has... nov.1882,his party supporters have been calling on him to run for president again in elections expected by sept.this year.M for voa news,Y.

Thousand students in silent respect with others in southern M city of V sunday,to remember the victims of the nazzi holocaust of jews during world war 2.All but a handful of M jews were slaughtered by the nazzies,sunday was the 70th anniversary of the deportation of more than 7000 M jews to N death camp in poland.German and Italian visitors also joined M in the march for lives up.
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