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BBC 2018-03-16
03-16-2018, 10:35 PM
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BBC 2018-03-16

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homeworkThe US has accused Russia of undermining the sovereinty and security of other countries worldwide with its nerve agent attack on a former spy in an English city. In a forthright statement staunchly backing Britain,the US called it part of a pattern of subversive behavior by Mostcow. British government is significantly boosting its funding for the military laboratory whose scientists helped identiy the rare nerve agent used in the attack.It's modernizing its its defense programme with the new chemical weapons defense center.
President Trump has picked a TV commentator as his new economic advisor.The former investment banker replaced ?, who resigned last week over new steel and alumni tarrifs.
Researchers in the US sai they have found particles of plastic in some of the most popular brands of bottled water in the largest study of its kind.Those companies whose brands are tested told BBC they stood by the safety of their products.
A military helicopter has crashed in ? killing six of the twenty people on board. The aircraft went down in the ? forest in the coastal area in the southwest.
A prison riot in Bolivia has ended with seven inmates dead.Riot police stormed the notoriously crowded prison in the eastern city of ?
?'s prime minister has stepped down. It follows a decision by the supreme court to annul a referendum result, approving key government railway project.The cause of the government campaign have been one-sided.
And a woman in the American state of Milisota who killed her boyfriend in a Youtube prank that went wrong has been jailed for six months. The boyfriend convinced her to shoot him at close range with a powerful pistol , believing the thick book he held in front of his chest would shield him. They wanted the video to go viral.
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