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BBC 2018-03-17
03-23-2018, 08:33 PM
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BBC 2018-03-17

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Reporters from Syria's speak of continue shelling of Eastern Guta by pro-government forces. On Thursday, civilians began to flee from the rebel-held enclave and more have left today. Retaking Eastern Guta would be a major victory for the government. Russia has confirmed that it will throw out British diplomats in response to London expelling Russian ones. Britain says as evidence to link Moscow to the attempted poisoning of a former double agent. Russia has angrily denied involvement. Moscow also says it will take countermeasures after the US imposes new sanctions on Russian spy agencies. The United States has accused them of trying to influence the 24th US presidential election. The White House and the Trump organization have promised to work with the special council, investigating reports of Russian interference in the US elections. After issuing a subpoena, demanding information about the companies' dealings, reports say the focus is on its links with Moscow.
The authorities in Florida have promised a thorough investigation into the collapse of the newly built pedestrian bridge in Miami. Four people were killed as the nine-hundred tons structure crashed the cars waiting in the traffic lines.
African countries want the European Union to ban the trade in the anti-ivory, saying that would cut the demand by making ivory an unacceptable ornament. The countries have described elephant poaching as a crisis. Thousands have killed for their task each year.
China has imposed heavy penalties on 17 men, who refused to finish their compulsory military services, will be banned from university and government jobs, will have travel restrictions imposed on them. The law of compulsory military service is rarely enforced in China.
The fiftieth anniversary of * has been marked in Vietnam. Survivors were joined by group of US veterans to commemorate the 504 villagers killed by US troops.
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