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VOA 2018-03-17
03-23-2018, 08:34 PM
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VOA 2018-03-17

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1. British Prime Minister Theresa May said on Wednesday she reached the conclusion that Russia is culpable for the attempt murder of former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, expelling 23 Russian diplomats from Britain is just one of actions May is proposing and response. During a UN security council meeting, UN ambassador to the United States Nikki Haley said the US believes Russia is behind this and she // the UN to take action. Now one member, stands accused of using chemical weapons on the sovereign soil of another member. The credibility of this council will not survive if we fail to hold Russia accountable. Russia has denied any involvement.

2. Thousands of students walked out of classes in a mid morning Wednesday to protest the lack of congressional action to combat gun violence in American schools. But members of the US house representatives did approve a bill to improve school safety. Tedd Deutch a democratic congressman from state of Florida We know what we need to do and I am committed to take in any step to getting any new policy across the finish line that will make our kids safer. This bill that stops more violence act is a good bill. John Rutherford is a republic congressman from the same state. This is why this bill invest in early intervention and prevention programs in our local schools. So the communities and law enforcement can be partners and prevent any of //acts from occurring. We need to get students, teachers and law enforcement the tools and training they need to identify warning signs and know who to contact and provide them anonymous tip source to provide that information, And that bill did pass and then handed over to the US senate.

This is VOA news.

3. US president Donald Trump maybe outs in about to take direct shot at Chinese trade. When retail lobbyists told Reuters they are concerned tariffs could include items that call for intensive labor in China, that will //back to school basics like T-shirts, jeans and shoes. And the biggest worry China might push back. While last week's propose tariffs on metals has seen a tribute for Chinese trade. Experts say moves to target the country directly risk a harsh response from Beijing. The metal tariffs have also left Trump isolated from allies and places like Europe at a bad time. A source in China told Reuters there is being a clear effort by the US for half a year to recruit allies against Beijing to tackle issues like abuse of intellectual property. Now the question moving forward is if China retaliates, will Washington retaliate back? That's Reuters' Grace reporting.

4. The United States is rejecting as laughable and partly false surrounding an allegation that American troops in Afghanistan support Islamic state militants, siding intelligence as well as eye witnesses Tehran's foreign minister earlier this week alleged US military helicopters, were seen rescuing and air-lifting IS militants from battle zones and an eastern Afghan prison to unknown locations. Both the US ambassadors to Kabul and NATO resolute to support military mission in separate statements, dismiss those accusations, says propaganda.

5. British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has died. We get more from Reuters //. A spokesman for his family confirmed the news on Wednesday. He was one of the respected and well-known scientist in modern history. Hawing tries to explain some of the most complicated questions and life to the masses, all working on the shadow of likely premature death. He was diagnosed with the // motor neuron disease at the age of 21 and was confined for most of his life in a wheelchair. As his condition grew worse, he had to resort to speaking through a voice synthesizer. His book a brief history of time published in 1988 made him a house-hold name across the world.

6. One of the biggest bitcoin exchanges has struck a rare deal which allow it to open a bank account with Britain's Barclays, making it easier for UK customers of the exchange to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Large global banks have been reluctant to do businesses with companies that handle bitcoin and other digit coins because of the concerns they get used by criminals to launder money that regulators will soon crack down on. The San Francisco-based exchange, Coinbase, said its U.K. subsidiary was the first to be granted an e-money license by the U.K.'s financial watchdog.
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