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BBC 2018-03-21
03-23-2018, 08:38 PM
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BBC 2018-03-21

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homeworkJudiciary reports say the former French president has been taken into police custody. He's been interviewed in connection with an investigation into alleged irregularities over political campaign financing.French media say the police probe relates to alleged funding from the late Lybian leader? during Mr. Sachochi's presiential election campaign in 2007.
The annual national people's congress in China has closed with Mr.Xi outlining a vision of his country as a rising global power.Mr.Xi spoke of Chinese solution to world problems, and warned against the attempt to divide the country.He also said all independence movements would be defeated.
The US and South Korea have confirmed they will resume their joint military drills on April the first. Pentagon said the annual exerceses involving hundreds of thousands of troops would be defensive nature, and should not be seen by the North as a provocation.
Twenty-three Russian diplomats are expected to leave Britain today after the government ordered their expulsion in the wake of a nerve agent on a former double agent. The UK blames Moscow for the attempt on ?'s life.
The company co-founded by the disgraced ? has filed for bankruptcy. It also announced that any victim's offer witnesses to Mr. ?'s alleged sexual misconduct will be released from non-disclosure agreement.
Climate scientists say more of a vast Antarctic ? is floating then it previously has been thought, raising fears that it may melt faster than expected, and contribute to big sea level rises.
The world's last Northern white rhino has died in Kenya, binging the sub-species to the very brink of extinction. The forty-five-year rhino was in poor health and was put down on Monday.
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