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VOA 2018-03-23
03-23-2018, 08:41 PM
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VOA 2018-03-23

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VOA 2018-03-23
1. State media reports that at least 35 people were killed and many were injured Tuesday when a rocket landed on a busy marketplace in an eastern suburb of the Syrian capital Damascus. The rocket landed in the // closed to rebel-held parts of eastern Ghouta. UN officials say about 100,000 people were trapped in rural areas of Syria's northern Afrin district and need humanitarian aid after Turkish and allied Syrian forces drove out the Syrian Kurdish militia. UNICEF estimates 50,000 children are among those who need humanitarian aid in Afrin. The UN human rights office warns massive human rights violations carried out by Turkish government following an attempted coup in July,2016 and a number of terrorist attacks have eroded the rule of law in the country.

2. Afghanistan's Taliban says they are ready to discuss peace and reconciliation with the leaders of the Afghan J/ organizations. The post to the US-led foreign occupation of the country. The insurgent group made the // through a official statement Tuesday, but maintained silence over Afghan president// 's recent offer of a reconciliation dialogue.

3. A student with a gun opened fire in a high school hallway in the eastern US state of Maryland on Tuesday, wounding two classmates before being killed during a confrontation with a school police officer. The sheriff Tim// said the officer // immediately responded to the gun fire and exchanged shots with the 17-year-old boy.

This is VOA news.

4. A package bomb has exploded at a FEDEX facility near San Antonio, Texas. Authorities are trying to determine if it's linked to recent blasts in the city of Austin. One person was injured at the Monday night explosion. The package was reported to be headed for Austin, which has been hit by 4 blasts this month. 4 people have been killed.

5. Chinese president Xi issued a stern warning to Taiwan on Tuesday, as he marked the beginning of his second term in office. China claims the self-ruled island of 24 million people is part of its territory. Xi says any attempted separatism will face the punishment of history. VOA correspondent // reports. For BJ, Taiwan is a sensitive issue and potential military flashpoint. Xi has been //the pressure ever since Taiwan president Cai was elected in 2016. Cai is a member of the pro-independence democratic progressive party, but say she wants to maintain the status quo. Taiwan's foreign ministry spokesman Andrew Lee brushed a sign Xi's remarks and urge other countries to support Taiwan's role as a democracy in the region.

6. Russian diplomats ordered an expel by Britain over an nerve agent attack in British soil left the country Tuesday. They were transported from Russian embassy in London to stand stead airport for a flight home. Britain ordered the 23 diplomats expelled last week after blaming Russia for the poisoning of ex-Russian spy// and his daughter earlier this month. British officials say the // were in critical condition and a policeman who were assisted them is still hospitalized in stable condition.

7. President Trump congratulated Russian President Putin on his re-election during a phone call on Tuesday and the two leaders agreed to meet soon. Trump told reporters at the White house on Tuesday we will probably get together in the not two distant future. So we can discuss arms, we can discuss the arms race. Trump said the arms races getting out of control, but the US he said will not allow anybody to have anything even close to what we have. Other issues, that Trump said will be discussed during a meeting between him and president Putin will be Ukraine, Syrian and North Korea. During the call, Trump emphasized the DE-nuclearization the Korean peninsula.
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