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BBC 2018-03-24
03-26-2018, 09:09 PM
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BBC 2018-03-24

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Fierce of trade war between China and the United States have led to short falls in Asian stock exchanges. The concerns were sparked off by a series of * measures. Beijing threatening tariffs of more than a hundred American products hours after president Trump announced plans of levying high taxes on Chinese imports. Beijing says the US moves weren't in the interests of either country. In a later shakeup of his White House team, president Trump has replaced his national security advisor. General H.R. McMaster lost his post to John Molton, a former diplomat known for its hawkish views.
The United States has * another government shutdown after Congress approved a new spending Bill. It will fund the federal government until September. The correspondence say the largest spending increases go against the administration's hopes to scale back the government.
The European Union has reacted strongly to the attempted assassination of a former Russia spy in Britain. It said it agreed with London that it was very likely Russia has carried out the attack, and in a rare move recalled its ambassador from Moscow.
Opposition parties in South Africa demanding the cancelation of a deal that makes government pay the legal fees of * who was last month ousted as a president over corruption allegations. Mr. * has spent more than millions dollars on lawyers even though the case hasn't come to court yet.
Demonstrations are planned in Poland today against government plans to further tie near abortion laws which already among the streeters in New York. The right-wing get the administration plans have the support of powerful Catholic.
And in Italy, the new parliament is holding its inaugural session after last month's elections. No party has overall majority and both a coalition of over right-wing parties and the Populous Five Star movement say they should form the new government.
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