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BBC 2018-03-26
03-26-2018, 09:21 PM
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BBC 2018-03-26

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Thousands of independent supporters in Catalonia have clashed with police as they protested the decision of supreme poor judge to prosecute 25 Catalan leaders for rebellion and B or disbarring the states. Five of the leaders have been detained including the man nominated by pro independence parties to head the C government.

A search operation has been going on the London offices Cambridge A. the British information commissioner is investigating allegation the firm illegally havenest personal data from 15 million facebook users to influence the last US presidential election.

The US attorney general Jeff Sessions has announced plans to amend gun-laws and effectively ban Babstocks, which can make semi-automatic riffle, fire like a machine gun. They were use last Oct shooting in Las Vegas in which 58 people were killed.

The Democratic republic of Congo will not attend the Dona conference in J nest month. It says the UN's decision to declare an emergency H images of investors. The UN has described the situation in the DRC as a catastrophic humanitarian crisis.

Two rounds of voting in Italy's parliament to let speakers for the lower house in the C have failed to yell a result. until speakers have chosen, cancellation to form a new government cannot begin.

Winter sea ice cover in the Active Ocean has been recorded as less second lowest level since record begun nearly 40 years ago. New figure reviewed that was about millions square kilometres covering the ocean during the northern winter.

Europe's most active volcano mount magma is sliding toward the sea at the rate of 40 millimetres per year. A British led research team that studied the C mountains says that was no immediate danger but they risk might collapse in the future.

By Marvin,
Mar 26th, 2018
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