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BBC 2018-03-27
04-05-2018, 08:12 PM
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BBC 2018-03-27

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BBC news with Jerry Smit. The American idol ***says she has agreed not to disclose a sexual relationship she * had with Donald Trump because she feared for the safety of her family. In the interview with the US television network CBS, she says he was subjected to threats an intimidation to keep her quiet. President Trump denays having had an affair.The huge far at a shopping center in side barrer is unknown until it killed more than 50people. Russion official said if there are 16 are still missing following the blames in the city of **, many of the victoms are children.
Ajecptions of voting in presidential election which in ** is widely expected to win by Lands lite. CC has only one challenger , Alihgner Figer.
The Austia former leader ** is due in court in Germany today for the start of extradition for sitting ..spay. Mr. Putin . put lots of people onto the streets of Catalonea to demont his release.
Israli police have questioned the prime minister Benjeming .. in connection with corruption ** involving the country's telecom gaint. Reports 's wife and their son were also heard. Mr. Yahoo denies any wongdering.
agences are calling on the EU leaders not to ignore reports of violence against M P authorities after** people being beaten while trying to cross degrees.
In video obtained by the BBC, Turkish C* ** striking people with battens.
More than 200 vilotates of falling argentinan soilders are traveling the ** to pay homage to their love ones who have been identified after decades barry D.M.
90 Argentina soldiers died fighting British forces during the 1982 bone on the islands.
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