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BBC 2018-04-02
04-05-2018, 08:20 PM
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BBC 2018-04-02

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1. South Korea and the United States have started their annual joint military exercises which will beshorten this year due to a thought in tight with North Korea. The ? willinvovle the same number of troops but will not include nuclear submarines. North Korea's criticism of the exercises hasbeen muted but the country's leader Kim Jeong-un prepared talks with the US andSouth Koreacounterparts.

2. Two major South Koreamusic arts are about to perform hisrotic concerts in the Noth as a gesture of peace.160 people including the performers and support troops have traveled to Pyongyang for the event.

3. The governor of Russian region of Kamidevo Armian Tuliaove has resigned.He said it was morally impossible for him to continue for last week's devastatingfire which kill more than 60 people at a shopping center,. Investigators foundthat fire exits were blocked and alarm systems were broken.

4. The first of 2 aircrafts carrying expelled Russian diplomats homed fromthe United States has arrivedin Moscow. 60Russians were sent home by Wahington in responce to the poisoning of a formerRussian say in Briton.

5. The Syrian army says more than 150 thousands civilians have now beenevacuated from the rebel and a clave of Eastern Gota near Damascus. The army said they have retaken thehold strake apart from the town of Duma,ending the threats to the capital.

6. The Israeli defence minister Arvicdo Libermen has rejected calls forindependent requiring into the killing of at leat 15 Palestinian protesters in G. He says Israeli soldiers havedone what was necessary . The UN and European Union had called for aninvestigation.

7. And Pope Francis is celebrating thetraditional Easter Mass at the Vatican. Later on Saturday he led an Easter ? attendedby 10 thousands pilgrims in which he urged believ us to brake out theirroutines and renew their lives.
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