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BBC 2018-04-03
04-05-2018, 08:23 PM
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BBC 2018-04-03

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China has imposed new import taxes on three billion worth of Ameircan goods in a move many fear could lead to a full-blown trade war. China's Ministry of Commerce said the measures were desgined to safeguard the country's interets following president Trump's decision to impose similar tarrif on steel and aluminum products. ? in Indian administration Cashmior has imposed curfew in parts of the state following fierce crash with militants that left twenty people dead on Sunday.School, colleges and businesses have also been shut.
The center-left candidate in the presidential elections in Costerica has decisively defeated his conservative challenger. In a victory speech, the thirty-eigtht-year-old former administer promised to govern for everyone and unite the nation.
The defunct Chinese space laboratory Tiangong one has broken into peices and burned up above the south Pacific after reentering the earth's atmosphere.China has lost the control of the spacecraft two years ago.
The president of Zimbabwe is in China for a four-day visit. Analysts believe he wants to end the international isolation Zimbabuwe suffered during the late years of ?'s rule.
Campaigning for Mexico's July presidential election has begun. A poll on Monday suggested a eighteen point lead for left-winged candidate, who has called for President Trump to show respect to Mexico and its people.
Tests have been carried out on syringes found at the athlete village of the Commonwealth Games in Australia, which starts on Wednesday. Onlt athletes with a registered medical conditions are allowed to bring syringes into the village.
And the US television producer and writer has died aged seventy-four. His work, including police series, like Hill Street Blues were characterized by hand-held cameras and stories over several episodes.

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