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BBC 2018-04-14
04-16-2018, 05:18 PM
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BBC 2018-04-14

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The US and Britain have agreed the suspected use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government that cannot go unchallenged. US officials understood to have results from blood in UN samples which indicated the * and nerve agent were used in the Syrian town of *. Donald Trump's presidency has been described by the former FBI director * as a forest fire which can't be contained by ethical leaders within the government. In the first extracts from his memo, Mr.* also like Mr. Trump who sacked to a * to the truth.
The Supreme Court in Pakistan has ruled the former president * should be banned from politics for. He was ordered to step down last year amid corruption allegations.
The UN is holding a donor conference in Geneva today to raise 1.7 billion dollars for the Democratic Republic of Congo where it says a major humanitarian crisis. But the Congolese has refused to attend, accusing the UN of exaggerating the problem.
President * has given * rebel group a deadline to approve two journalists and a drive that abducted three days ago are still alive. He warned action if the rebels failed to meet the deadline.
A founding father of the gaming industry in Macao * is to step down from running his gambling emperor at the age of 96. Mr.*, one of the Asia's richest man, transformed the former colony from a sleepy peninsula to the world's biggest casino center and towns of revenue. He will hand over to his daughter Daisy.
A painting by the artist * is being returned to its right for owners, thirty years after it was stolen from a property in New York. The FBI says the painting of * was recovered last year when it was offered to the * gallery who became suspicious.
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