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BBC 2018-04-20
04-23-2018, 10:23 PM
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BBC 2018-04-20

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homework President Trump has said he is prepared to walk out of the planned talks with the North Korea leader Kim if they are not fruitful.He was speaking at a joint news conference in Florida with the Japanese Prime Minister.Both men said maximum pressure must be maintained on Pingyong over nuclear disarmament. Mr. was also hoping to convince president Trump to drop punitive tarrifs on Japanese steel export. But Mr.Trump indicted that Japan won't be exempt from the twenty-five percent steel surcharge announced last month.
New research in Australia suggests that a marine heat wave that bleached a large part of the Great Barrier reef two years ago was so severe it cooked fast waves of coral. Scientists from Queensland say millions of coral in northern parts of the reef were killed by the rise in sea temperatures.
Queen Elizabeth will open the commonwealth heads of government meeting in London today for what could be the last time. At nearly ninety-two years of age, she travels less and is handing over some official duties to other members of the royal family.
The British government says it's considering a ban on plastic straws and cotton bags as part of its efforts to tackle plastic waste. The announcement was timed for the Commonwealth Summit, which over the next two days, will discuss what's called a blue charter to safeguard the oceans.
Aviation authorities in the United States have ordered inspections on a type of jet engines used on more than eight thousand Boe737s after a media explosion punctured ? liner's window, killing a passenger. An initial investigation found evidence of metal fatigue or a fan blade have broken off.
And US senate has passed a new regulation allowing parents of new-born babies to take them to the chamber when they vote. The move comes a week after ? become the first sitting US senator to give birth

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