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BBC 2018-04-22
04-23-2018, 10:26 PM
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BBC 2018-04-22

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China, the United States and South Korea have welcomed an announcement from North Korea that it's suspending its nuclear and missile tests and closing its nuclear site. North Korea's leader KGN said tests will be in halted because the country have completed its goal of developing nuclear weapons.

The government of xx says its ready to begin talks with people who've been protesting against social security reforms. The vice-president made the announcement after 3 days of violent clashes between demonstrators and police. At least 10 people have died.

Venezuela's president xx is visiting Cuba to meet the new leader of one of the country's few remaining allies. He arrived a day after xx took power as Cuba's President.

The UN Security Council is holding talks at a remote farm house surrounded by pastures at the southern tip of Sweden. This meeting at the summer home of the former UN Chief xx is a rare session outside New York. It's expected to focus on the Syrian crisis.

A baby girl has been raped and murdered in the Indian city of xx. The lasted string of child rape that have been described as a national emergency for India. The child had been in a sleeping with her parents on the street when she was abducted. The Prime Minister is due to chair a Cabinet session to consider introducing the death penalty for the crime.

There are continuing efforts to restore order to the South African city of xx after three days of violent protests. President xx who's visited the city has promised further talks with people who accused the provincial premier of corruption something he denies.

And Italian conservation is through investigating the death of a rare brown bear during an operation to capture and fit him with a tracking device. The bear belonged to an endangered subspecies of which only about 50 remain.
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