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BBC 2018-04-23
04-23-2018, 10:27 PM
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BBC 2018-04-23

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North Korea has announced an immediate suspension of nuclear and missile tests and said it would shut down its nuclear test site. The North Korea leader @ said further tests were unnecessary because nuclear weaponization had been achieved. President Trump welcomed the suspension as very good news. South Korea said it was a step towards denuclearization.

The U.S. Democratic Party has filed a lawsuit against Russia, President Trump's election campaign and ViKi Leaks. It accused them of conspiring to swang the 2016 election in Mr. Trump's favour. The Trump campaign has described the lawsuit as frivolous.

Saudi Arabia has screened its first public movie for almost 40 years. It comes after the ban on cinema formally deem un-Islamic was lifted, as parts of reforms announced by Crown Prince @. Tickets of Black Panther sold out on line in minutes.

Tributes have been paid to the Swedish dance music star DJ @ who's died at the age of 28. His fellow DJ @ said the world had lost an incredibly talented musician. His popping electronic anthems packed dance floors and stadiums across the globe.

The former deputy leader of Peru Shining Path Rebel Movement has been moved to house arrest after 30 years behind bars for terrorism. @ should be released 5 years ago but faced legal challenges.

Police forensic experts in Mexico have started collecting genetic samples in 16 states from people searching for family members who've disappeared. @, one of the state's worst hit by drug gang violence, The samples will be compared with DNA taking from 350 @ bodies.

The U.S. aviation regulator,the FLA, has joined the European authorities by ordering an emergency inspection of jet engines like the one which was exploded during a flight on Tuesday killing a passenger. Hundreds of the CFM engines must be tested within 20 days.
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