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VOA 2018-04-27
04-27-2018, 11:28 PM
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VOA 2018-04-27

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President Trump had a stern morning for Iran Tuesday. AP correspondent * reports. The president issued a warning as he met here at the White House with French counterpart * who was lobbying him to stay in the multinational deal and restricting Iran's nuclear weapon development. 'They restarted the nuclear program. They will have bigger problems than they ever had before.' He calls the Iran nuclear deal insane and ridicules. The president is also talking about North Korean leader Kim Jong-un whom he says wants to meet as soon as possible.He has really been very open, I think very * from everything we are seeing. * at the White House. Trump faces a main May 12 deadline to again wave economic sections to against Iran as a part of the deal.In * Pakistan on Tuesday, three suicide bombers separately attacked police and paramilitary forces, killing at least 6 and wounding several others. One of the bombers bloomed himself up near a police span on the main road leading to the city's airport, causing the fatalities. Rescue workers said seven policemen were taken to the hospital in critical condition.
President Trump says the Untied States stands with the people of Arminia, on Arminian Remember's Day. It's the 103 anniversary of the start of the massacre of Arminians at the hands of *. In a statement, Trump said he deeply respects the Brazilians of the Arminian people who he says build new lives in the United States and made countless contributions to the country.
The UN Human Rights office wants an investigation into the killings of dozens of civilians by saudi-led coalition airstrikes in Yemen during the past four days. Correspondent * reports for VOA. Human Rights spokeswoman * two coalition airstrikes destroyed a wedding tent killing at least 19 civilians and injuring some 50 others. She says the final toll of death and injuries may be higher. Local inhabitants informed our staff that the victims did not have any political affiliations, not to say that would have made the wedding party a legitimate target. They also said there were no military object to the facility of the targeted area at the time of the attack. * for VOA news in Geneva.
Bloggers and others running online platforms in * have two weeks to register with the Government or face fines and jail time. Correspondent * reports from VOA's east Africa Bureau in *. Those who failed to comply the new regulations could face fines and up to 8 years in jail. Reporters * have thought the new law the latest free *. Newspapers seen as critical have been shut down or their licenses are suspended. Two opposition politicians were jailed for allegedly insulting president * in *. Bloggers and the administrators of other online platforms * to get registered.Then will come up for a renewal * every two years. * for VOA news *.
The US Supreme Court is to hear arguments Wednesday on whether president Trump in limiting travelers from most Muslim majority countries from coming to the US. US stocks were sharply lower at the close of trading on Tuesday as the key US government's ten year treasury bond yield reach the three percent level for the first time in more than four years. The rise in the key bond yield heighten concerns of large companies that have warned of higher operation costs which are passed on to consumers.
And former president George H.W. Bush is said to be responding and recovering after suffering a potential life-threatening blood infection. The now 93-year-old Bush was president from 1989 to early1993. He was admitted to the hospital Sunday morning he's been in intensive care. Before being hospitalized on Saturday, he attended the funeral of his wife * who died last week at the age of 92.
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