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BBC 2018-04-29
05-01-2018, 12:00 AM
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BBC 2018-04-29

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Media outlets in North Korea have haled Friday summit with the South as historic. They said it paved the way for the start of the new era. State television made a rare mention of the world's denuclearization. In South Korea, newspaper has given more a cautious welcome to the talks. Commentators in Seoul spoke of their progress that Pyongyang had apparently not made a firm commitment to abandoning its nuclear arms. The United Nations says thousands of civilians are fleeing an upsurging fighting in Northern Myanmar where soldiers are attacking kitchen rebels. Reports say the Burmese army is pending ethnic rebels with airstrikes and *. Rebels are fighting for greater autonomy for the * Christian ethnic group. The conflict which began 1961 has displaced about 120 people.
New proposals to reduce tensions along the Indo-Chinese border have been unveiled by Delhi and Beijing. India and China agreed to take steps to improve military and security communications.
Saudi-State television said airstrikes in Yemen by the Saudi-led coalition have killed two prominent * rebels including the deputy interior minister. There have been a further reports of Saudi-jets overhead on Saturday morning as thousands arrived for a funeral for another * leader killed last week.
The US Secretary of State * is continuing his first overseas tour with a visit to Saudi Arabia. He is expected to discuss regional strategies to counter Iranian influence. Next month, president Trump must decide whether to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear deal.
*, an English toddler, the center of a legal battle over healthcare has died. The case of the 23-month-old boy had drawn international media attention. He had a degenerative neuro logical condition. His parents lost legal challenges against medical decision to remove life support.
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