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BBC 2018-05-01
05-03-2018, 11:31 PM
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BBC 2018-05-01

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homework President Trump has said he will continue to apply pressure on North Korea to try to rid the Penninsula of nuclear weapons. Following the successful summit between the North and South Korea on Friday, Mr.Trump said if it were possible, he would forge a deal with North Korea when he meets its leader Kim in the coming weeks.
The EU law enforcement agency says a cyber operation by eight countries has significantly harmed the propaganda machine of Islamic State group. Euro Poll says the campaign has dented ISIS's ability to radicalize young people.
The United Nations agency's warning that the economic crysis in Venezuela is prompting people to flee abroad in their hundreds and thousands. The World Food Programme has called for a regional summit on the crysis, and said Venezuila should allow in humanitarian supplies.
The Russian business man ? is reducing his share holding in the alminum producer to try to get the United States to lift sanctions against the company. The value of the company has collapsed since it was hit by the most US restrictions.
State media in Saudi Arabia say airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition in Yeman have killed two prominent ? rebels.The private ? trannel said the ?'s deputy prime minister was among those who died in the capital ?. The journalists there reported Saudi jets flying low over the city.There are accounts of several buildings hit in fresh strikes.
An elderly former police officer suspected of being one of California's most prolific mass murderers has appeared in court.? was formerly charged with two murders dating back to the 1970s. Proscuters alleged he is the so-called golden state killer who is suspected of carrying out at least thirteen killings and fifty-one rapes.
And in Acquador, two ministers for the interior and defence have quit after failing to meet the deadline to arrest the head of a Columbia armed group flamed for recent attacks.
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