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BBC 2018-05-04
05-09-2018, 09:47 PM
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BBC 2018-05-04

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homework A member of President Trump's legal team has contradicted him over payment to the adult film actress ?, allegedly made to stop her speaking during the 2016 election campaign about the alleged affair. Mr. Trump has denied that his lawer paid ? 130 thousand dollars on his behalf. But ? now acting as another of Mr.Trump's attorneys, said Mr.Trump had personally repaid Mr.?.
Donald Trump has addressed that North Korea is about to release three detained Americans. State Department officials can not confirm reports the US citizens had been moved from a labor camp to a hotel en route to possible freedom.
Representatives from two of the world's two biggest economies are to hold talks in Beijing to try to avert a trade war. A US trade delegation led by the Treasure Secretary will meet high representatives from China. US tarrifs on fifty billions' worth of Chinese exports are due to come into force next month.
The US Secretary General has told BBC that the US should not pull out of the Iran nuclear deal. ? said hte 2015 agreement aimed at curbing Dehelan's nuclear ambitions should not be scraped unless there was something better to replace it. The Trump administration has threatened to withdraw from the deal.
Police in Malasia are investigating the 92year-old former prime minister on suspicion of spreading fake news. He is challenging the prime minister in the election next week. Critics say a new law to combat fake news is used to silence the opposition.
A scientific study suggests early humans crossed to the Philipines from mainland Asia far earlier than previously thought. Stoek artifacts discovered next to the 700,000-year-old bones of ? indicate its flesh had possibly cut by tools
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